Dance in the Rain

Dance in the rain

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…it is learning to dance in the rain.

Bad things happen to good people…it’s a fact. Life isn’t a bowl full of cherries.

OK, enough of the platitudes. But think about it…I mean really, think about it!!!

Do not keep imagining what life will be like when you retire, or when you are rich enough to travel, or even what it’ll be like when you are feeling better. And trust me—I’ve been there. You don’t feel like going anywhere because you are just too sick, but please, at least go out and sit in a lawn chair in the sunshine. Or swing on the porch swing for ten minutes. Get out and do something!

I remember as a little girl, I remember my mother telling my little sister to go outside and play (this was after she’d said she was bored.) I think that is pretty good advice for adults—GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY. You don’t have to wait for the sun to shine or for the rain to stop falling. Beautiful things can happen in the rain too. You could see a rainbow, breathe in that wonderful scent of fresh rain, or even listen to the song of the frogs that seem to be louder just after a downpour. Rain is refreshing; new life begins when it rains. And here, think of rain as a metaphor for bad times—those times when your bowl full of cherries becomes the pits. Those times when stress is in control, you need to train yourself to seek shelter from the rain—let’s call it umbrella yourself in comfort.

I live in Washington State, and yes, it does set in and rain sometimes. But you rarely see an umbrella here. Washingtonians are tough I suppose; a bit of rain will not melt them. I’m not a native though—I still use the magic rain protector at times (an umbrella). And I’m not afraid to proclaim that when you are stressed out, get out your metaphoric umbrella and protect yourself from the worst of the storm. Do not let stress control you. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, imagine the scent after a rain, fold up that umbrella, and see a rainbow extending from one horizon to the next. God created the rainbow as a symbol of His compassion for mankind. It is a sign from God that He is always there and He will bring us out of the storms in life.

Death, sickness, unemployment, war, hunger…there are so many devastating things that happen to us. God never promised he’d make our lives full of sunshine all of our days. After a tragedy passes, it is sometimes easier to brood and rest, recuperating your strength, and formulating a plan.

But teach yourself to take baby steps again and get back out there. Pray for strength and direction. If you are tucked away under your umbrella all the rest of your days, you will miss the sunshine and the rainbows. Go ahead; plant some seeds and watch them grow.


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